🌼Howdy! I am a small content creator that really does her best at making as much as I can. It means so much to me that others help me and support my work. So I wanted to create this little page for people so it's easier. The links below are all my social media or pages that are here you can look at! Thank you! <3  

💙Ways to Support💙:

(Like AU and interesting world-building? I have the post for you. Click on the AU master list and it will take you to the over 16+ AU and worlds I have built in this multiverse. Quarantine is just one of many)

Main Tumblr: >>>Kryptsune<<<   (This is where I post the most)

UT Tumblr: >>>Fallenfellfrisk<<< (ditto)

Multiverse AU Master Posts: >>>List is here<<<

Discord: >>>>Underworld<<<<  (this is the best way to find/get to know me)

Archive of Our Own: >>>Fallenfellfrisk<<<

Twitter: >>>kryptsune<<<<

Kofi: >>>kryptsune<<<

Commissions (OPEN): >>>HERE<<<


Etsy Shop: >>>HERE<<<

(I split my stock so if you can't find an item in the shop here check Etsy!)


Thank you, everyone, for your continuous love and support. It truly means so much to me. 💙