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Main Plot Synop: Frisk is a witch that lives in the woods away from humans. Monsters exist in this world but they were nearly hunted to extinction. Poor little Red is chased into the woods from a mob of humans that are looking to either kill him or make him into a sideshow. The little guy trips and just as they are around to grab him a giant beast leaps from the shadows and scares them away. It turns out this is Frisk who is able to shapeshift. It is one of her main magical abilities. She scoops him up and takes him home and takes care of him. A few years later and he works as her little helper and apprentice learning all the good magic can do and that light magic is about give and take. She also warns him about dark magic and how it twists and corrupts.

What magic can do:

Light- Light magic revolves around the natural order and uses the earth and nature to perform things like healing. These kinds of magic users are mild-mannered and gentle to those they interact with because their souls are filled with light. A pure light witch is a rarity as they can harness more power than that of a practicing light witch. Dark- Dark magic is the kind of magic that breaks the natural order like necromancy for example. Anything that toys with fate. Dark magic also twists and alters physical appearance. The users gain more demonic traits such as slitted pupils, sharp teeth, claws, tails, wings, and the like. It is different for each warlock/witch. These warlocks or witches have the ability to use elemental magic as well, though they are in a corrupted form: Fire - Shadow flames that consume for long periods of time and difficult to put out. They are destructive at their core.

Air - Poison magic is either liquid or miasmic. It can kill thousands if desired spreading like an airborne plague. It is uncommon even for dark casters to deal in this magic since it could potentially also backfire on themselves.

Earth- Death magic that can be attributed to necromancy. This also includes curses as well. Anything that can tamper with the soul or body.

Water- Blood magic is a form of physical manipulation. A highly skilled warlock can turn a body into a puppet just by taking control of the blood within the body. It is a terrifying ordeal as the victim is powerless and subject to the casters every will while still remaining conscious.

Soul- On of the most taboo of all. It is the manipulation of one’s very being. It is what can be used to bend the mind. Soul chains bind the victim leaving them with free will unless the caster desires a different outcome. It is like making the victim into a kind of puppet. They cannot resist and are bound to the spell for all eternity until the darkness corrupts their own soul or death.

Shadow- A mix of the two both light and dark. This is a middle ground in which dark magic has been performed for noble causes or in desperation. It is the same if a dark caster performs light magic. It is rare that shadow users exist just due to the strong traits of both light and dark. Light magic with burn a dark magic user and vice versa. Those physical burns cannot be healed and are an easy identifier. They are weaker than the other two, having no allegiances to either a light deity or a dark one.

Frisk is a kind and gentle soul; She tries to negotiate peace with the humans so that she and her little apprentice can be left alone. After a while, Red begins to develop feelings for his witch caregiver and doesn’t want to see her hurt anymore. He wants to be a big scary monster so he can frighten away anyone that wishes her harm. There is only one problem. He is not all that scary. She tells him that the only way to become scary and menacing is through the use of dark magic because it not only twists your soul but also your physical appearance. She goes out to gather ingredients and does not come back which obviously worries Red. He finds her being burned alive by the townspeople that she was trying to sell her wares too. Nothing magical more medicinal but they didn’t care. As the flames die down he is left holding her charred body in tears (yes I know it’s sad). He vows that they will pay for what they have done and boy do they. The only way to bring her back, and he knows this, is if he uses dark magic in the form of resurrection/necromancy. The whole idea of what is dead should stay dead applies here. He doesn’t care at this point so he reads from the book and as her body starts to come back with the warmth of life he starts to change physically. He basically goes berserk and burns the entire town to the ground. Now he is a scary monster… and a killer … and a warlock of darkness and evil. *whoops*

Frisk awakens only to see what he has done and it breaks her heart. She can barely even recognize him anymore, even if he is still sweet and kind to her. He tries his darndest to get her to love him again too. The evil now whispering in his skull tries to get him to force his hand to get what he wants but he pushes it away. He is just constantly struggling with it especially when it tries to coerce him into taking the pure soul of light which surprise is Frisk’s soul. Apparently sacrificing the pure soul of a light witch is one of the only ways he can purge the darkness from his own soul. It is the only way for him to return to how he used to be. They are basically opposing forces now but in the end, they still end up together she just has to keep his horrible thoughts at bay.

Alternate Outcome:

Being bound by a soul chain Frisk’s pure light soul is constantly under strain. Red, of course, does not know how much as his ability to separate his own desires from what is right is skewed. He vows that no one will ever hurt her ever again but due to his nature he goes about it all wrong. Frisk’s gentle nature helps the corruption stay at bay for a while as he rarely forces her to do anything against her own will, however, that does not last. The purer the soul the quicker the corruption so the two cancel each other out. Eventually, it sets into her soul twisting it just like him and when he finally realizes it… it is too late. That is where the sketch above depicts. Frisk goes dark side staying with her warlock and they cause havoc for the rest of the human villages.  

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