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Universe type: OuterFELL Relationships: Alphys, Undyne, other? Alternate “Nicknames” Info: Sans: Crux- Crux is not all that different from WTU Red. He is flirty, grumpy, a hedonist to some degree, and “lazy”. He tends to play up his cruel and aggressive behavior in order to stay in the good graces of the King and Queen. He is honestly just tired of all this killing and ransacking all the time. When he was younger he used to love the stars and he feels that has been stolen from him. He is known as being ruthless but only depending on the company that he is surrounded by. When at Grillby’s Outpost he relaxes a lot more even wearing different clothing that does not scream ROYAL Armada. He and Grillby have been friends for so long that Boss considers his outpost Crux “vice” though he knows the true nature of some of those visits. He has to put up a facade as with most Fell verses. Papyrus: Eclipse- Papyrus in this instance is very similar to his WTU Counterpart though instead of wanting to pursue a career in cooking he would rather be an ambassador between both the humans and the monsters and eventually does. He puts up even more of a facade then his younger brother. He is known as the ruthless Captain of the Royal Armada. He is openly known to not be cruel and merciless in his tactics which is something he struggles with. He knows he has to keep up the act. When the rest of his guard is not looking he does little things to help but even among humans, he is feared. His job also requires him to be a military tactician and advisor to the King including feeding some misinformation. Just like Crux, Eclipse is just as tired which would explain the dusting of red under both the brothers’ sockets. A sign of sleep deprivation. When in the company of rebel sympathizers he is known to be enthusiastic and energetic. He enjoys his ego telling others about his brilliant plans to thwart the latest attacks. He is one monster that brings charisma to the rebels often. He is also at the side of Asriel being his advisor as well.

Grillby: Cynder- Grillby is just as he is in WTU without all the vices. He is a proud father of his two children. One being Fuku, his eldest and the second being his human adopted child Frisk. He works at his bar being a mixologist and bartender always adding his flare. He tends to keep out of the politics of the monster allegiance unless required to. He is a rebel spy and helps often with their operations. He is known as a refugee smuggler. He used to be at the head of the Royal Armada but left that life after he was ordered to murder an innocent child. That child being Frisk. He could not do the act and now he lives happily at the outpost with his two children. He can be a flirt but he is not exactly known for that kind of behavior. Unlike his WTU counterpart, he is enthusiastic and outgoing but only when need be. He is not trying to always be the center of attention. Asriel: Azren- The leader of the rebel faction and former Prince. Asriel is kind-hearted but he is not afraid to put his foot down when things need to be done. He is considered to be like a younger more empathetic version of his father. Unlike UT Asriel he is an adult and conducts himself as if he is still a prince. He does not look down on others but he does have this air of regality about him. He rarely leaves SafeHaven as unlike the rest of the monsters acting as double agents he is well known to be in opposition to the monster allegiance. He is occasionally seen at Grillbys. It’s rumored he has a crush on Frisk but the two have not openly expressed that kind of relationship. His closest confidants and friends are Crux, Eclipse, and Dr. Gaster. Dr. W.D. Gaster: Nero- The Royal Scientist and Engineer, Gaster is under the rebel faction as a double agent just as Crux and Eclipse are. He is the one that has helped the rebels stay under the radar for so long with his phase technology. Unlike WTU Gaster (because lets’ face it, I need to make a Gaster not evil for once) he is empathetic and kind regardless of his appearance. In allegiance, he is known as the cruel mad scientist just like the rest having to put up a facade in order to stay undercover. His human experimentation is what he is most known for in that way. He shares his love of science and astrology with his youngest son, Crux and his love of mechanics with his eldest, Eclipse. Gaster is known to keep to himself unless provoked which is why he only appears at the Kings side due to summons and council. He would rather spend his time in his lab. He is naturally curious and always excited to invent new technologies. Muffet: Morana Undyne: Lilith Alphys: Keres Asgore: Kek Toriel: Hecate MTT: Corion

A long time ago: A long time ago monsters used to live in harmony together on their own home planet free from anything that would corrupt their pure and kind nature. Their planet was one that thrived off an unusual power source, magic, a great power with many different types. The first monsters began to develop abilities to utilize this magic as they were always surrounded by it. In the soil, the food, the air, and water. It was a part of them just as breathing was natural for all living things. Some of these magical abilities were natural while others far extended outside the reaches of the natural order of things. One such ability was to be able to heal any wound or even more so save one from death. As time passed on these traits which ringed their souls in a bright hue of colors began to change their biology. Once creatures of flesh and bone now they had become creatures entirely composed of the magic they were so tied to. Instead of bleeding like other living creatures they dusted instead but these changes did not concern them. Their lives were filled with joy and happiness. Their kindness helped them stay at peace with each other. The centuries passed and they began to invent new technology to better their lives and the lives of others. A combination of both magic and science. Giant capitals were built, great roads paved with glittering gemstones, schools built, and jobs created. All of this in the name of progress. The monsters had created their society together. They were considered the Ancient Ones. A people that were technologically advanced so far beyond others that other civilizations looked primitive. They were alone in the galaxy for a very long time. Time had passed for another planet too so much so that this planet and its people were finally journeying beyond their little corner of the universe. At first, it was just about exploration but soon enough the humans began to establish trade and diplomatic relations with other worlds. One such world was the planet on which the monsters called home. The humans were amazed by these advances, the science, and most of all the magic. They became close allies. Some monsters even visited the human’s home planet sharing the knowledge that they had. All was well. The centuries passed and a council was formed with one delegate from each of the major races. They would make decisions regarding the fate of their civilizations all together but the humans began to question their monster allies. They accused them of withholding the very source of their power from them, magic. If they truly wished to help the universe as they so claimed then why could they not share the source of their amazing abilities? This political debate sparked trouble between their alliance. The people begin to distance themselves and the witch hunt begins. The humans in their infinite paranoia begin to spy on the monsters developing potential “preventative” measures. This goes on for decades until the point that the humans’ new leadership decides to do the unthinkable. During their time developing new weapons with the technology provided to them by monster kind they began to develop a more permanent solution to the monster “threat.” Long story short the humans set their sights on the core of the planet. Getting an urgent summons throughout the entire kingdom of this betrayal they begin to board their ships to flee the planet before it explodes. Those closest to the Capital and those under the King are able to flee the planet but that was such a small handful of monsters. Even the ones that did escape were hunted down and destroyed by members of the human military. When word reaches of the destruction the humans are in horror about what their government had done. Disgusted by their loathsome actions the humans rebelled against the government tearing down the old order. The monsters lost their home, their trust, and their friends and family. So many. Lost. The ships that were able to flee were chased down by the human galactic armada. Just as they claimed their victory hunting down the royal vessel it suddenly vanished without a trace. The monsters and their royalty were gone.

A tear in space and time: The monsters were concerned about the humans strange behavior. In response, they wanted to experiment with a new technology. One that combined both magic and science. A way to create a doorway between their reality and others. A place that is in between, known as The Void. In this place, the monsters crafted a New Home. A new Capital and different outposts all on various planets unique to this new frontier. Each planet or outpost is characterized by their environment that correlates with the locations of the original UT (ie. Snowdin, Waterfall, Hotland). Each one also contributes to the Monster colonies in some way. Snowdin is mainly used for building materials due to its rich forests. Waterfall is dedicated to a lot of natural resources like water or vegetation. Hotland’s export is all industrial based such as metalwork and technology. The destruction of Humanity: In despair and grief, the monsters began to think of things that they had never thought of before. Their rage of feeling this betrayal caused them to twist. They become hateful and spiteful. The king and his queen are filled with a desire for revenge and thus a new decree is ordered. The new crusade to destroy humanity for what they have done and punish them for their crimes. The new technology that allows them to reside in this pocket universe safely is then utilized to appear out of nowhere and destroy human ships and colonies. A phantom ship that no one can ever see coming. This ability leaves humans living in fear, helpless. The monsters become pirates. They pillage and destroy human colonies and inhabited worlds without mercy. The ship on which they once made their escape is considered a death omen. A phantom ship that appears from the deepest reaches of space to destroy all that stands in its path.

SafeHaven: So much time spent destroying began to take a toll on the universe. The stars that used to glitter so brightly in the sky now seemed to disappear. All those planets completely destroyed void of life. The King continues on his tyrannical vendetta at the cost of the rest of the universe. Some of the monsters lower their heads and continue to stay obedient to their King and Queen almost becoming like puppet soldiers. Some of these monsters also enjoy the criminal and destructive lifestyle that they are allowed to partake in due to this seemingly never-ending desire to destroy. That is not how all think, however, as there is a group of monsters trying to thwart these plans. Even creating a place for human and monster refugees. There are even “rebels” within the highest rank of the Royal Armada. It is unclear which monsters sympathize with this new human and monster cohabitation initiative. Just like the monster colony, this new safe haven rests in a pocket dimension that can only be accessed with the use of phase technology. The same technology that shifts the entire fleet of the armada into this dimension parallel to the current dimension. This makes them essentially invisible. It also means that if someone is on their ship out of phase the monsters can not be seen or interacted with unless the human also is able to shift into the same phase frequency. This also lends to the ghost ship idea as it appears to run on its own without a crew. The Rebels Mission: The rebels simply want to create a universe that atones for the sins of both humans and monsters. They both did horrible things but these monsters keep in touch with their past love and compassion even if some of them appear not to. The main notable rebels are as follows. Asriel, Gaster, Grillby, Red, and Boss. The initiative was created by Toriel and Asgore’s son Asriel as he could not believe that their vendetta was right. He began to gather other like-minded monsters to form the rebel faction. They tend to attack monster strongholds that perpetuate more destruction or hate. That goes for humans as well as the human ambassadors and refuges are unified under the same initiative. It takes some time but eventually with the help of one of the most brilliant scientists in the universe, Dr. W.D. Gaster, they are all able to form SafeHaven. Grillby’s Outpost (rebel undercover): Very simple idea but Grillby owns a rebel outpost that is known as a rest and recovery for anyone that stumbles upon it. He runs a bar and works as the bartender there as a cover just in case the monster armada figures out his rebel ties. He also needs to provide for his family. Fuku who works in the restaurant/bar as a waitress gathering intel and spying on the royals and “pirates” that find themselves in their little establishment. This is where Frisk grows up being taken care of by Grillby and big sis Fuku. Muffet’s Intergalactic Casino (Circumstantial allegiance): The opposing establishment under monster “allegiance” would be Muffet’s Casino. It is where the majority of intergalactic bounty hunters and hitman reside. Even though Muffet’s is mostly under the monster claw that does not mean she won’t aid or deal with anyone that pays a pretty penny. A lot of unsavory monsters and humans alike tend to hang around that port. It is extraordinarily dangerous for anyone, especially humans. It is, however, where one can see Mettaton’s shows all done up in lights almost to the point of gaudy. The blinding strobe lights when one enters into the port is a huge indicator. I like to think of it like the Las Vegas of the galaxy complete with intergalactic espionage. Main Plot Synop: The story revolves more around the world and its characters then it does a main plot but there are some notable points that need to be made. A long time ago as Grillby was still a part of the Royal Armada he was tasked to scope out a little planet. A human-inhabited planet that was on the King’s list to be destroyed. The destruction he laid eyes on was too much. The once lush and fertile planet was reduced to nothing more than a lifeless husk and within the flames, bodies had begun to pile up. He was not one to go and put his boots on the ground so this order was strange to him. It would appear that these humans lived on a planet so similar to their old home. It was infused with magic. Not as potent as their home but enough. The humans that lived here began to develop similar magical abilities that the monsters possessed. It was a threat and had to be destroyed. Just as he was about to leave the planet he heard the cries of a child. One that was just a baby. They were surrounded by his Royal Guard about to be killed when he stepped in explaining that he would be the one to do the deed. They trusted him and left them alone. Grillby being a father of his own couldn’t bear to kill an innocent human child. Instead, he faked killing the child and took her home to his wife and his youngest daughter Fuku. At first, he was fearful of what the King would do if he found out about his treason finally forcing himself to step down from command. It was later passed to an old friend’s eldest son, Eclipse. Grillby took care of the child as his own and opened an outpost of his own. It was his safe corner of the universe free of mad kings and human paranoia. He is happy working at his own outpost with his family. When Frisk grows older she starts to exhibit the ability to use magic which is exactly why the rest of her planet was destroyed. The number of survivors is unknown though it is rumored to be seven. As she grows she starts to train with the former Captain. She has a good relationship with her older sister and looks up to her greatly. Frisk reads the story about the “Phantom” ship all based on the Armada and its unusual capabilities. She runs into the two brothers when her father is talking to a group of monsters she has never seen before. She is terrified of them mostly due to their appearance and that they wear the insignia of the Armada. Grillby eventually introduces her to them though it takes time for her to warm up to them. Years pass and she becomes an adult working at the same family-run outpost and establishment. Fuku continues her waitressing but Frisk wanted to learn more about the art of mixing drinks. The same job her father does so she becomes a bartender only being hidden away when those of the Armada comes to visit. The rest of the monsters appear to be neutral on the matter. The rest of the story is about Frisk falling into the rebel faction desiring to unite the monsters. That includes her sneaking aboard the Armada as her soul seems to have unique property, hope. A trait that has the ability to help dissolve the hate within the soul. She finds out that a certain Prince has a crush on her and they even run into a brainwashed human that tries to tear down all that they have built and continue to build.

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