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*Due to this being hellish lore there may be triggering or disturbing material ahead. Please be mindful of the warning! Thanks! ———————————————— Universe type: Multiverse Demon/variants Alternate “Nicknames” Info: *Demons {Nicknames and True Names}:* Costello: Xaketh Red: Valruth (Beast) Crim: Derzath Grimm: Cerberus (Rus) Boss: Sokan Gin (fallen): Kelran Dusk: Dantillion Blade: Zorrol Ouro: Ouroboros

*Angels {Nicknames and True Names}: * Comic: Halo Cayn: Sariel Nova: Sorath Pap: Akriel Dawn: Zaphkiel Glitch: Adellum Script: Malakh There is a lot of info below the cut so if you are interested give it a look!

The 7 Princes and Their Kingdoms (In order by power): 1. Lust (Crown Prince)- Gered: Being the second eldest to his brother Nas Gered is the next in line to inherit the throne. He conducts himself very similar to his Kingly brother as he is more the gentleman type. Don’t let that fool you however as Gered is known for his silver tongue. He appears gentle with those he comes in contact with but that only hides the true demon within him. Just as the elder of the siblings Gered embodies more than his crowned sin. He is known to be overly prideful and with quite the possessive greedy streak. The only time he will allow sharing anything that he considers to be his is when it is with his siblings and it depends on which ones. Unlike his younger brother, Red, Gered tends to not revel in his sin but rather enjoys it in moderation. It may be that due to Gered’s amount of angelic blood he is a more positive side of his sin with a desire for passion and possessiveness then just carnal pleasure. He appears in fine tailored suits and waistcoats looking like the prince he is. Since Gered is the second eldest he does not look as demon-like as he should though every Prince has a menacing true form to them. Un-Crowned Prince- Red: Red or as he is known, Beast, is one of the youngest of their family. This, however, does not prevent Gered from taking the younger under his wing and as such Red becomes the next in line to become crown Prince of his kingdom. Red has very little if not any angelic blood in his bones. That would explain his more demon appearance with claw-like fingers, horns, and tail. Red is known for his love of carnal pleasure and sadism. He is one who does not take no for an answer which can be deadly to those he sets his eyes on. He is far more aggressive than his brother though that could be to some happenings in his past. He tends to show off his ribcage and he is not one to hide things. Red is a notorious flirt as is Gered but Red’s tactics result from more the physical than flowery language or silver tongue. He is actually quite blunt. 2. Pride- Boss: One of the eldest of the princes, Boss is known for his ego. He is the Prince and warden of Pride. His kingdom revolves around imprisonment. A giant jail cell for the worst of the worst. Boss is the kind of demon that has no problem getting his hands dirty. In fact, he rather enjoys it. He is known to give hope to some of his inmates and strip that away from them as cruelly as possible. He is rather stern and far too serious for his own good but he takes a lot of pride in his station as well as amusement. Some of the souls he wardens are forced into mind games subjecting them to a series of near-impossible trials even going so far as to convince those imprisoned that they are still alive. Which is an outright lie. Boss’ appearance is more demonic than his older brothers but not to the level of Red. His fingers are more claw-like and have those iconic demon horns though his stature remains unaffected. Out of all the Princes Boss is most likely the most intimidating even with lacking the overly demonic look to him. 3. Wrath (Crown Prince)- Crimson: Crimson is a demon that is notorious for his blood lust. He also goes by The Crimson Lord or Bloody Lord. Crimson is the harsh ruler of the Kingdom of Wrath. A dog without a leash rather. He is frigid towards real affection/emotion unless he has the goal to manipulate you. The only exception would be that of his brother. His pride and ego are legendary and rarely ever take no for an answer. He is nicknamed the bloody lord for a reason as he has a vampiric nature. His love of the finer things in life leaves him very possessive and greedy as well. His favorite pastime is to break the will of the soul because he is known as the first vampire he can easily trance others into their own death. He brings souls up from his kingdom as well as others to feed on frequently in “bathing in the blood of his enemies” In the most literal way. Just like Gered and Nas, Crimson enjoys finery. His Kingdom rests as the third most powerful and wealthy but that does not exclude his own castle. It is presumably the most lavish of the kingdoms while the rest is fiery pits and bloody streams. He has a temper and usually finds even the slightest inconvenience irritating. He has a fascination for metalwork as his castle harkens back to the medieval time period. In order to fuel his amusement, he finds himself disguised while walking among souls so he can convince them that he is damned just like them only for it to be too late. Crimson is both a sadist and a masochist at heart and those things amuse him greatly. If you can get on his good side and amuse him he may let you live but it is very rare as his thirst for blood is nearly unquenchable. Un-Crowned Prince- Grimm: Grimm keeps his brother’s love of sadistic games but he is less bloodthirsty than the former. He is more animalistic then his brother giving into more carnal desires just as Red does. Grimm is Crimson’s older brother though even with his stature most think the opposite. He could be classified as the wild one. His eyes are usually a golden/yellow color looking more like pupils then the typical skeleton blank sockets. When he is more in his feral mode those sockets will turn black with that blazing yellow pupil. His eyes in this state resemble that of a wolf. He is known as the guard dog of the Realm due to his true demon form of a giant three-headed skeletal canine beast. Cerberus. He will be more docile unless it comes to his games is when he is in predator mode. Grimm is also incredibly needy and does not care about the state of his victims which he usually brings to his brother. He is submissive to Crimson but that does not mean he will tolerate being treated like a dog. He is still the older brother after all. He is a flirt just to get what he wants and he loves it when others fight back. Unlike his brother, Grimm could care less about all the finery all he cares about is the pleasure, fun, and thrill. Grimm is curious by nature so if you draw his attention you may survive long enough to get on his good side. He also has a well known sweet tooth though his brother tries to discourage him from the habit. 4. Greed- Blade: Being the prince of greed nothing could more suited to Blade. He is the embodiment of greedily hoarding what he desires from others in an almost possessive and obsessive way. This includes material wealth or in Blade’s case human souls. He is the most… disturbing of the Princes as he has an obsession with mortals. Just like its namesake the kingdom of greed does not like to share its knowledge with others and keeps its secrets close. Blade loves to play with his toys and out of all the princes, he is probably the worst one to be stuck with as you may be turned into a puppet before long. He lures people in with a more approachable and likable personality before showing his more crazy side. Just like his universal counterpart Blade is still very much the yandere serial killer type. It’s rumored he keeps a room filled with various “human” parts hanging from the ceiling. His title is the doll maker. Which is disturbing in of itself. He is also 100% both a sadist and a masochist. 5. Envy- Dusk: Dusk is the prince of Envy. Unlike Blade dusk appears to have more of a gentlemanly attitude like his older brothers. Mostly because he looked up so highly to them. He may be envy but he does not exactly embody the sin with which he is assigned. That does make him a little jealous of some of his other siblings but he does not feel the need to openly refute their claims. If anything Dusk is quite the opposite of his kingdom. He was mostly appointed there since he is good at keeping others persuaded and calm. The souls in this kingdom can be unruly and unlike his other brothers, Dusk sees his station almost as some kind of necessary evil. He would rather walk on earth doing a job more suited to his own abilities and unfortunately, he is all too aware that his one brother, the angel by the name of Dawn, banished him here for his jealousy. He spends a lot of his time alone reading about the world above and what it has to offer. That kind of curiosity has never left him. He does have a rivalry and distaste for this brother of greed, however. He is a master of illusion, making you crave something you know you can never have. It is how the souls are tortured in this kingdom. 6. Gluttony- Ouro: Named after the symbol of Ouroboros, Ouro, is the prince of the kingdom of Gluttony. Ouro is known for being a hoarder of anything he desires. He is extraordinarily greedy and does not interact much with others. His appearance is more demon in nature with a mix of dragon and snake as his name dictates. He is hard to get to know if you are even given that opportunity but once you do he will spoil you. Out of all the princes, he is probably the least likable next to Blade though he does not have the same sick masochistic personality. Some say that he has to fill a hole inside of him and that is why he acts the way he does. He is very standoffish and nearly always has a scowl on his face. He also has a rather fiery temper. He does his duties to the kingdom ignoring his two neighboring brothers who always seem to be at odds. 7. Sloth- Gin: Gin is the final prince but not by choice. Once a seraphim angel he was cast down protecting his younger brother, Cayn. Once the lively angel of guardians now has become an uncaring demon. The only care he has in this world is to see if the sacrifice that he made for his brother protected him or not. Gin lazes around mostly locking himself up in his study. He has no servants or dukes to command but rather is content with what he has. He tends to always be on the grouchy side perhaps due to an overabundance of sleep. A biological thing that demons do not need by the way. He keeps his brother’s memory alive by doing things that he used to love including baking. Gin is pretty laid back of them all but his nihilistic demeanor can be grating to his other siblings. In essence, this poor boy has lost a lot of his hope for anything better and thus does not care. —————————————————————————————

*The Kingdoms* Lust- The kingdom that used to be ruled by the current King of Hell. The hierarchy works that each kingdom rules over a certain sin committed by those punished. The closer that they are to The Capital the richer and more prosperous. There is also little technology save for the capital and the two kingdoms following it. The lust kingdom is ruled by Costello who is the crown prince and following that is Red. He is a prince as well but uncrowned to one of the major kingdoms (he could honestly care less). The kingdom of lust revels in opulence and is known for its material wealth. The demons here tend to be debaucherous and are known for their slave/pet dealings. The demons in this kingdom tend to be overly needy causing them to sate their desires with damned souls or each other. Underneath the crown prince and his brother, this kingdom also has established a series of appointments with Dukes and lords. It is well known that nothing can really sate these demons appetites for pleasure. They do as they will still following under the rules set forth by the King however they tend to get away with more considering their kingdoms standing. It is known as the kingdom of servitude in multiple ways. Lust also does not just account for physical pleasure but lust for anything such as wealth or power as an example. It is rumored that the two brothers appear to be opposites in their handling of the sin. Costello being more about possession and passion while Red is more the stereotypical lust. Out of all the kingdoms, this one seems to be the “best” one to be sentenced to especially if you find yourself at the feet of its ruler. The humans here are usually taken care of quite nicely, though it is also rumored that these souls do not belong in Hell at all. Appearance-wise the lust kingdoms Castle is paved with marble and gold. It is near spotless excluding wealth and grandeur. The massive walls that hide the Castle from view are covered in thick lush green vines and flowers. The wall also has lace-like porticos that spill a strange liquid from snake-like mouths. It is said that a human that even consumes a drop of it will be subject to their demon masters will for eternity. A strong manipulative love potion in essence. The Palace gardens are almost as if they were taken from the Garden of Eden itself which is entirely possible. The further away from the center, the city becomes less ostentatious though not dilapidated by any means. Many of Hell’s elite live in this kingdom. Pride- The kingdom of Pride ruled by Boss is the second one from the Capital. As such it too exudes opulence at its center. This is the kingdom known as The Cell unlike the kingdom of Lust, Pride only shows off its splendor near its castle and some of the surrounding areas. It is mostly utilized as a giant torture pit. This is where souls are sent as punishment for the most severe crimes and tortured mercilessly sometimes torn to shreds only to be revived. Their leader is a ruthless warden of sorts making sure that everyone obeys the laws both set forth for demon or soul. Demons sentenced to exile are also detained here in this confusing catacomb prison. It is filled with deadly traps and pitfalls to prevent escape as well. Humans of high status on earth and are now subjected to the same kind of torment they put on others in the worst way possible. Dictators, murderers and the like. The Cell is also where souls are twisted beyond recognition and where new demons are made. In this world, demons are made not born and those corrupted souls become the new generation. It could take years. It could take centuries but being thrown into The Cell is a sure-fire sentence. Wrath- The Kingdom of Wrath is the kingdom of War and bloodlust. It is quite well known that the brothers all have had their eyes set on multiple kingdoms at one time that exemplifies their vices. The ruler of Wrath, Crimson, is a ruthless warlord with an unusual thirst for blood and not in a war-hungry way. The Kingdom supplies and trains those for the Capital’s personal guard as well as the demons that are considered soldiers. This is also the Kingdom of the tainted. Those that are not quite a demon but also not quite human. A long time ago when demons walked among the humans, one demon wreaked havoc. A demon so infatuated with humanity that he began to turn them away from their old religions so that they would worship him. In turn, he gave them his power creating half breeds. What humanity calls vampires, werewolves, and fae. The humans began to decline at rapid numbers and since those of half-demon blood were considered corrupted they had little use. Now they span the kingdom of Wrath as soldiers, mindless, and obeying only their “king.” Its alternate title is that of the Kingdom of Blood. Those unfortunate souls forced to end up in such a horrible kingdom will find themselves burning alive in the flames of their own anger. Some are even dragged into labs to be experimented on. The human souls usually sentenced here were the warriors that committed atrocities without a second glance at the innocent. Those that killed children in the name of the king is an example of this. Crimson was the demon that started all of this half breed creation which would explain why he was passed up for the crown of Lust as his blood lust is legendary. It is most likely his mild punishment for his past actions. The two brothers are most likely where the vampire and werewolf mythology stems from on earth.

Greed- The kingdom of greed is unlike any other kingdom as it rarely has souls within it (they don’t last long). They are usually the type of killers that were mentally undone. Ones that took a sick twisted pleasure in their artistry. Those are usually brought from the outside. Their ruler, Blade, is what one might call… unhinged at best. They are known for their experimentation attempting to twist mortal souls into whatever is desired. The castle though appearing rather plain on the outside is a treacherous confusion of mind-bending illusions and hallways. Envy- This is the kingdom that trains and outsources spies as well as assassins. Demonic hitmen used to gain political power among their respective kingdoms. They are known for their thieves mostly stealing from their neighboring kingdom of greed, specifically souls. They are based around the shadows which are quite fitting as the ruler of their kingdom, Dusk, has the ability to manipulate shadows. Envy is known as the shadow kingdom usually housing those souls of the occult and black magic. Those that tried to obtain the unobtainable through magical or demonic means. Dusk does not take kindly to this as these souls are tortured for all eternity forced to relive and conjure their own worst fears in a land of darkness. A never-ending nightmare would be an apt description. Gluttony- Those that are placed into this kingdom as punishment are subjected to the torture of starvation and thirst. The prince’s castle is surrounded by a never-ending desert with no hope for food or drink. Souls are forced to starve wandering this desert for the rest of eternity. The demons banished into this place feast on mortal corpses that fall tearing them to pieces like scavengers. When the sun sets these mortals to end up back where they started in one piece having to endure the same torture over and over. Ouro the ruler of his kingdom does not do much in the way of duty. He tends to delegate his jobs to other lower-level demons. If a mortal manages to cross the desert the torture is withstanding. Any food will turn to ash in their mouths and any water will burn the throat. It is an endless never quenchable thirst and hunger. Sloth- Sloth is the final kingdom before the banished and forgotten kingdoms beyond. It is “ruled” by Prince Gin though no one could actually tell you what it took to maintain the kingdom. It is the poorest of the rest as the palace shines in all its glory through all the destitution surrounding it. The souls here are never allowed to rest forced to work the land for food production. Which is hilarious because that food does literally nothing for demons. Ok, hilarious in a cruel sick way. The demon lords and princes do like to have their feasts and lavish parties but that food is very different. In essence, mortals are forced into a constant state of fatigue.

Never able to drink, eat, or most of all sleep. After this kingdom lies the outer reaches of Hell. Those souls are the lost ones forced into limbo. Those that have nowhere to go. This is also where the banished are sent. There is no hope as it appears to be an endless forest with no hope of escape. The fog takes their memory from them forcing them to wander for the rest of eternity and most likely consumed by rouge demons prowling the outskirts. A soul banished to limbo can find themselves at Hell’s gates but it is very rare and not at all a better outcome.

The King of Hell: Nasaros is the current King of Hell being the eldest son of his father. Just like his father his angelic blood makes him stand out above his younger siblings. He seems gentlemanly and rather laid back for someone of his status but do not let that fool you. Due to Nas, blood, he is just as harsh if not more so than his demonic brothers. He is not actually a demon either but rather a fallen angel (there is a difference). He has a silver tongue keeping to flowery language. Some feel as though he is weak due to his blood but his brothers know better than that and dare not question their older brother. Nas has an egotistical air about him but it is more subtle. He has an extreme distaste for demonkind as he does not consider himself one of their ilk. Therefore he is not tolerant of any kind of infraction. Demons that do not follow the rules are quickly dispatched of without mercy. His abilities are not as well known as the brothers but it can be assumed he can utilize all his sibling’s abilities as well as some more angelic ones. Curiously he has more of a demon-like appearance than his younger brother Gered. He tends to wear white in the majority of his clothing leaning more toward tailored tailcoats and suits. An almost denial of what he has become. He has three sets of wings though they are rarely seen indicating he used to be a seraph. In his younger years before he was crowned King, he was the Prince of the Kingdom of Lust. In his state of mind, he did not want his demon half to “corrupt” him any longer. Out of fear and denial, he split himself into two separate beings. One as the embodiment of the negative side of sin and the other the more positive. These two Princes, though two halves of one whole, eventually were able to come to the conclusion that who they were before was their true self. Unlike his father, Nas seems to attempt to reform Hell in a way adding rules and regulations to the more unruly of his subjects. These rules mostly extend to those souls that are wrongly labeled as damned. He knows that an impurity leads Heaven to shut its gates on some of these souls with no hope for survival. It is not a common occurrence however under Nas decree these souls are to not be harmed.

Saros: If there was a complete opposite to Naos then Saros would be it. He is haughty, prideful, lavish, and over the top. His outgoing demeanor causes him to throw lavish banquets and parties surrounding himself with the elite of Hell. Saros is a negative aspect of lust. He is needy and uses pleasure as a manipulation tool. He drinks and sleeps around not giving it any thought. He is also possessive though it is more treating something like a trophy then someone to be treasured. He is the true embodiment of carnal pleasure and debauchery.

Naos: Out of the two Naos is the more gentle. He tends to be very shy when interacting with others only making his presence known when necessary. He is not the flirty type but rather the romantic if you manage to catch his affection and favor. His appearance causes him to wear darker colors like black. Unlike his unruly brother Naos enjoys peace and quiet. He is easily flustered. Sometimes he will sit in the garden and sing a soft little tune. His personality is very soft but he is also very possessive and overprotective. The New Order: The new shift in power causes some unrest among the denizens of Hell. Their old order was to corrupt and damn souls for all eternity no matter the cost. The spilling of blood was of no consequence. That, however, changes when Nas comes into power that all changes. His decree is that demons should be conducting themselves more decorum then they used to. No more earthly rampages. No more innocent deaths. The souls not meant for Hell are put under his protection. He cleans up Hell by holding demons accountable for their more sadistic tendencies. Humans have long since forgotten their presence. To them, they are nothing more than superstition and Hollywood fabrication. The new global ability to communicate in mere seconds leave them with a poor reputation. Nowadays they are known for making more deals. In fact, under royalty, the most prestigious job in Hell are the deal makers. The demons associated with soul collection as that is one way to gain more power as a demon. The more souls the stronger and potentially more abilities gained as well. These demons appear on earth offering their services disguised as humans tempting wayward souls. The dukes, lords, and even prince also do deals of a higher caliber though they rarely leave Hell. It would take a very powerful soul for them to gain any interest even if they are summoned. Each demon of high status also has a specific sigil used to summon them. It is, as stated previously, very dangerous and usually only 30% effective. Some demons, Crimson as an example, will gladly show up for a little bit of carnage or to mess with souls. Contrary to mortal belief demons do not take to sacrificing lightly in fact it is highly frowned upon. Any mortals of an occult stupid enough to try and summon any of them usually end up choking on their own blood. The Red String of Fate: The Red string of fate is constant in the world that has consequences when altered. It is very similar to the idea that our destinies are intertwined with others and if that string is cut it creates a butterfly effect. Demons tend to do as they please but when it comes to altering the course of humanity it is a very harsh offense. Under the Prince’s father, this offense was minor but when Bas took control of the throne that sentence increase. A demon tampering with or severing the string of fate is exiled, banished, or executed. If one string is severed it is possible to reform however multiple could cause an apocalyptic event of biblical proportions. Contrary to human belief demons have no desire to obliterate the earth. They rather like their little playground. Anything that would jeopardize the fate of either Hell or Earth is grave. The Blood of the Innocent: Innocent souls subjected to the selectiveness of Heaven’s elite are thrown into Hell just by association with any type of demonic ritual. Innocents sacrificed for summoning are branded as corrupted and therefore unworthy to enter Heaven’s gates. These souls are considered pure and are housed in The Capital away from any demons that may cause them harm, especially that of children. If a mortal is sacrificed to a specific demon then that Prince is made responsible. This occurrence, however, is rare as the horrors that befall those that try this kind of act… are too horrible to describe. It takes someone really greedy or stupid to even attempt such a thing. Pure souls are constantly in danger as demons feel their power and have an almost instinctual desire to devour it. This is an outcome for those types of souls but the process is painless (if the demon in question desires it). It is better than living an eternity in Hell anyway. Some are kept at the palaces if a Prince sees fit though that is an even rarer occurrence than the former. Demons are Made not Born:

A souls prolonged time in Hell withstanding numerous tortures begins to twist their very being. Their souls become more and more corrupt as time goes on forcing a metamorphosis. It is said that one of the reasons demons devour souls is because they are trying to fill the emptiness of their own soul. The one that they lost long ago. Once this process takes place their memories begin to fade of their past mortal lives. They are then reborn as a demon befitting their newly corrupted soul. It is rare that a soul is corrupted to become powerful but it is possible. These demons are usually low level and serve as they were originally intended.

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