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Universe type: MafiaFELL Relationships: Red, Frisk, Costello

Alternate “Nicknames” Info: Red: Cuban Boss: Luciano Gered: Costello (Various others) Main Plot Synopsis: During the era of the 1920s and set within a film noir aesthetic. Frisk is a small PI (Private Investigator) hurting for cash and jobs in the big city. In an effort to make a better name for herself she begins to investigate the rise of crime and strange occurrences happening around her. There are suspicious disappearances, missing person reports, and extra violence that couldn’t be missed by human eyes, right? It just does not seem to add up. Determined and with nothing to lose she is able to put together a series of connections by using some none too savory contacts. She finds out that the potential epicenter of these events is tied to owners of one of the swankiest and popular clubs in town. It is also suspected that it is a speakeasy but that is not what has drawn her attention. It would appear that the family running the place has been a mystery to nearly everyone even though they have been around longer than they can recall. No one knows what the owners look like. It is all highly speculative. Photographic proof says otherwise as she tends to find a set of figures at each scene. They wear impeccable pinstripe suits and fedoras but… it could be anyone, right? Regardless of the information that she has collected, she decides to go undercover to the club, Ossibus Ignem (Fire and Bone in Latin), in order to confirm her suspicions. She decides that auditioning for one of their most prized gigs is a good way to get into their inner circle and perhaps get a glimpse of her potential employers. Frisk wants the truth and nothing but the truth even though this plan is incredibly risky. Even if the brothers, as she finds out later, are not the cause of these events they could still be nefarious. No one likes a spy, especially one within their inner circle. As she enters she realizes that it is packed like the rumors have told her. She does not get out much due to her job but she is dressed to the 9s in a beautiful dress of the time ready to put her plan into effect. Instead of waiting around she heads to the bar where she is spotted by the seemingly charismatic bartender which she manages to strike up a conversation with. She tries to pick his brain over a drink that he generously slides her way. It would seem that the establishment is already breaking the laws of prohibition. That much is already confirmed. So how have they not been caught? He seems like the friendly sort, platinum blonde hair and a dazzling smile. Frisk being a PI calls into question how perfect he actually looks but puts the thought off. She could have sworn his eyes were far more vibrant gold than what was humanly possible. When she glances at him again however they appear to be light brown instead. Things are already strange as she continues to speak with him only to find out that he is, in fact, one of the brothers that work at the club. It turns out to be a family business. He introduces himself as Gered Fontaine. Eventually, their conversation is cut short by Gered taking her to the back of the house where presumably his brother is waiting for her to do her little gig. She paces back and forth nervously in her dressing room only to not watch where she is going, running into a tall individual. His pinstripe suit, fedora, and bright red tie cause her to pause only to be greeted with a shiny golden toothed smile. The strange thing about it is that it is shaped into a fang/ canine tooth. It is a little off-putting but the stranger introduces himself as the younger brother of the group, Cuban Fontaine. Someone that she had no doubt is in all the photographs that she had collected. Ultimately he seems nice enough telling her that if she needs anything to let him know and to take her time with her audition. He does appear to have a mischievous flirty side to him especially with her which she tries to distance herself from. He does not make that easy as she can tell he has already taken an interest in her. She performs and it would seem that she has a pretty singing voice that leaves the entire crowd roaring in applause. This obviously catches the eyes of the brothers who are now more than interested in her and she gets the gig. Other than a few of the accidental slip-ups the boys seem fine with her being around them. She doesn’t pose any threat. After all, she is only human. Frisk begins to enjoy her undercover position but finds herself slipping further and further away from her original objective. The Fontaine family put her up in the loft above the club and treat her well. She learns more about them and more about the family itself. They are pretty open with what they do not even hiding the crime lord status that they are under. Being associated with the brothers is dangerous and therefore they want to make sure she understands what it means to be under the name of Fontaine. She is surprised by their honesty and immediately they gain her trust and vice versa. That is until she realizes why she is there in the first place. After one of her performances, she manages to get into one of the boy’s rooms, snooping around. Only not to find what she would be expected of a bunch of crime mafiosos. Instead, she finds arcane symbols, tomes, and various other occult items that would lead her to the conclusion that they are in fact dealing with something far beyond the mortal realm. At least that is what she thinks. Only to find a secret room with even more concerning items. One such item is a series of documents showing the various victims she had been investigating. On top of that information, she finds even darker dealings than she suspected and papers scrawled with a script she has never seen before. As she turns to leave the room she freezes to hear Cuban’s deep baritone of a voice. He is none too thrilled as he interrogates her but she can’t see his face. All she can feel are skeletal like claws at her shoulders. It’s all in her head, right? When he turns her around she is faced with Cuban looking quite human explaining to her the predicament she now finds herself. As her confusion grows he keeps her cornered only to be given two choices. One is that she binds her soul to him in the form of a contract and the other, death. Obviously, she chooses to live which Cuban is delighted by. After this event she is able to see the true forms of all the demons in the club, having a panic moment seeing them mingling so easily with unsuspecting humans. Cuban, Luciano, and Gered are the most terrifying being skeleton looking demons. From then on she works in the club learning more and more about their true selves.

Frisk’s Contract: Frisk’s soul is unique as it appears to be linked to the past ancestry of mages. Due to this her soul is far more powerful and can utilize more of their own abilities. The first contract she ends up bound to is Cubans. In exchange for her life as well as their own protection of her, she works at the club as their little songbird. She becomes an undercover agent to infiltrate the boy’s enemies or rivals since the human soul has the ability to mask demonic presence. This deal gives her more than she bargains for like gaining some of Red’s abilities. She ends up with a second contract to Gered for other reasons (spoiler). In addition to using these abilities, the contractee also is able to wield the demon’s weapon of choice. Each one corresponds to a specific demon. The higher level the demon the more powerful.

Beasts: (Weapon: Untamed Beast- skeletal magic fire beast claws) (Primary Familiar form: Cat) 1. Teleportation 2. Gravity/levitation 3. Hypnotic/manipulative song magic 4. Beast summoning (aka Gaster Blasters) 5. Being able to read the thoughts and souls of others

Costellos: (Weapon: Valentine- A skeletal tommy gun) (Primary Familiar form: Raven) 1. Silver tongue- able to talk anyone into anything 2. The ability to see through the eyes of the dead 3. Inhuman agility 4. Second life 5. Dark magic/ curses/hexes/corruption

Fusion: Fusion is an interesting scenario since Frisk is contracted to not one but two princes of Hell. She gains many abilities and one of those is being able to fuse her mage soul with that of her demonic counterpart(s) creating a fusion of herself and their own hellish forms. The soul, however, can only stand so much and if it goes beyond its limit the human soul could be damaged permanently. This form is dangerous for any human soul. Hiding in Plain Sight: One of the reasons that humans are none the wiser is due to the fact that the demons use magical glamorous to appear human as well. They can also manipulate the mind through abilities like compulsion or illusion. The only humans that would be able to see through this guise are humans that are mages or ones with strong souls. Those that are contracted also are able to see through these guises if they so choose. It can be overwhelming at first. Frisk’s Ancestry /The Mages:

Humans in this universe do not believe in the existence of monsters very much like our own world. They are nothing but stories and myths. Demons are the exact same. There is a story that may allude to the fact that demons were created from monsters as punishment for humanity’s evil. That is neither confirmed or denied. What is known is that demons used to walk the surface regularly a long time ago. Humans in their quest for power made contracts with these creatures in exchange for their souls, something that demons covet to gain more power themselves. Those that made these contracts became mages, having demonic magic infused within their very being. As every demon is unique so were the souls. The mages were formed after 7 survivors managed to break their contracts retaining the magic within their souls. As they began to have children that magic too was passed down. Humans with any type of magic are extraordinarily rare and one mage soul can rival over 1000 regular human souls. Frisk appears to have a connected blood relation to one of these surviving lines.

A Hellish Civil Battleground: The truth of what is going on the surface can be summed up as a demonic civil war. The hierarchy of Hell dictates that the most powerful of demon kind are the elite and as with any type of power it is highly coveted. There are three categories of demons in order of hierarchy. The seraphim (aka Princes/King)- The royalty of Hell. These are demons you do not want to mess with. The elite. In total there is a prince for one of the seven kingdoms of Hell. There are also uncrowned princes as well. These demons can do as they please and enjoy their revelry up on the surface. Imps (Monsters)- born denizens of Hell that can keep a foothold on the surface for only a short time. They need a bind such as a contract to keep a presence. The soul determines power/magic. They have to be summoned and contracted or else they are banished back to Hell. They can also possess human bodies but the body will start to degrade and decay after some time. Changelings (Humans)- changelings are demons stuck in Hell and can never set foot on the surface. They are most typically souls that were broken in the firey pit and twisted into demons themselves. Hell’s royalty does not want to destroy the surface. In fact, they rather enjoy it, though they can make contracts it is more for amusement then power. It is said that demons consume souls to fill the emptiness they once lost but that could just be a myth. It is a fact, however, that the consumption of human souls will give them power. They do not wish to scare off potential delicious human souls so they do not senselessly cause havoc or if they do they clean up their mess. *The imps are why they are in the city. Their job is to keep them in line but unfortunately, the Imps have started to go rogue and have no regard for rules or order. They have been making contracts with one human to keep a foothold on the surface only to slaughter others mindlessly and causing havoc. This makes it difficult for humans to want to contract for fear of being slaughtered as well as beginning to shift the balance of power. The imps are gaining more and more power due to the souls they are now consuming at an alarming rate. The king is none too pleased hence the Princes being tasked to clean up the surface. It just so happens it is during the era of the ’20s. Making them into mafia crime lords.

How to Break or Nullify a Contract: Each contract formed is by a person to person basis but there are some things that can break or nullify the contract. 1. The demon no longer desires the soul- Rare but possible. If the demon contracted no longer wants the soul they can break the contract if they so wish but that means that the human’s magic will still be maintained and able to be passed to their children. 2. The human is killed before the stipulations of the contract are fulfilled. 3. The demon violates the contract set forth. 4. The human soul is no longer classified as human. *note the way that Hell works and functions follows my own Hell lore. A post that I will make shortly and is an addendum to this world I have created.

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