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Once upon a time lived two gods lovingly crafted from the heart of life herself. The two princely brothers could not be any more different. One could say they were like night and day. The very thing that their names are derived from, Dusk and Dawn. The princes maintained the balance in the world. One of light and one of dark. 

The brothers, however, were far from life’s other creations. When mankind was formed the fledgling gods had been tasked to watch over her new creations. They had become their gods. Ones of benevolence and kindness. Some were tied to Dawn while others were tied to Dusk. They feared the one associated with the night and those that worshiped the Prince were known for being evil incarnate but everyone loved Dawn.

As the Prince of Night’s envy began to grow so did his deceptive thoughts. If his brother could create then why then couldn’t he do the same? He would show the humans he was not what they all believed him to be. His hands, however, could only create monsters and beasts. Ones that lacked the bright colored souls that Life had given humanity. 

When Dusk’s eyes first fell on one of his brother’s loyal subjects he knew she was the one that he wanted to be by for their eternity. Nymara was a beauty but it was her inquisitive mind that drew him to her so magnetically. When he was with her those dark thoughts were kept at bay but such a happy ending was not meant to be. 

Nymara’s soulless form lay at his feet, killed by one of his unsavory acolytes, Pandora, in jealousy. He vowed to save her. If he could pluck a single gold apple his newfound power would give him the ability to craft a true soul and save his beloved Nymara. His feelings became numb as his form was being eaten away, down to the bone. Being connected by their souls Dawn ended up suffering a similar fate. The two handsome princes that used to be in the likeness of the humans their mother so loved were now eaten down to the bone, skeletons. 

Life sacrificed herself so that she could impart a true soul to the monsters and fix the balance. This formed death ended immortality and made life an even more precious gift than before. Dusk was imprisoned after millennia of chase and their story faded away. The monsters were punished by humanity and now there was not just good and evil but a mixture of both. 

Of course, all of this is just legend… right?

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