Underworld Synopsis/Lore

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A three-act story which follows the events of an Underfell built universe and all the stories within it. Underworld is my main fic and it is also not for the faint of heart. It is dark in tone and has some content that is not suitable for all ages. Every chapter had a disclaimer of just what kind of material is in it. This is my version of Underfell with countless hours of world-building and head-canons. If you enjoy Underfell and long fics this is the one for you. I also want to make the disclaimer that Red X Frisk is canon in my verse, it takes a while but it’s there.

Act I: The story starts with Frisk and her fall into a place that she has only heard about in horror stories and legends, the underground prison housing demons banished for their misdeeds centuries ago. A place they call The Underworld. Frisk’s kind-hearted integrity soul tries to see the best in all those she encounters, but they do not make it easy. Her pacifistic journey to right the wrongs for an entire race drives her towards the Capitol. Along the way, she meets a cast of characters that show her the truth. The question still stands “can even the worst person change…?” Act II: After the events of Act I the monsters have begun to make a new home, no longer in the caverns and molten pits of the Underworld but the surface. It is not easy being a monster living in a world that humans have dominated for centuries since their imprisonment. A story about the life of the cast and how they are faring. Even a human ambassador doesn’t have it easy but can they all work together for a more prosperous future? Act III: Something is wrong… it’s all gone horribly wrong. Where is she? It’s not possible. Frisk finds herself in the Underworld once more, but things are not as she remembers them. Only when she is greeted by a wide skeletal grin does she realize where she is…. Or rather… when she is. The story about a broken world and two friends’ journey to restore what they once lost. Old memories and a future trapped in a shattered past. One can only call this place a Wasteland.

{Click the pages for more info on the AU this link will take your to the Google doc. There is so much info I cannot put it in a singular blog post. There are SPOILERS so viewer discretion is advised}

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