CHEEB Commissions Are OPEN {1 Slot LEFT}!

(Regular commissions are waitlisted)
Feel free to ask for a quote, just keep in mind I will put you on a waitlist of all your info. Don’t worry you won’t have to pay until you are off the waitlist!

💙I really appreciate the support and kindness! I am always open to price wiggling and things like that all you have to do is ask! Reblogs are loved and help so much. 


Will Draw:

Undertale, AUs, OCs, Fluff, Furry, Suggestive, Dark Themes/ Blood and Gore, Other fandoms that I am familiar with (just ask!)



NSFW, Fetish Stuff, IRL People, Foncest/Sanscest/ NO CEST PERIOD

*Truth be told I love a challenge so I am not going to add a lot to this list but keep in mind it may take more time since it may be out of my comfort zone. The best way to know is by messaging me!



Commissioning Process:

1. Message me~  through Tumblr messenger! Make sure to have your refs ready (the more detail in them the better. I am highly detail-oriented so I like to get them all), permission from any other OC/character one that I can see, and a little bit about what you are looking for along with the character’s personality. Anything helps me determine what might look the best in a certain context.

2. Get a WIP!  After I have given you a quote and we have ironed out the details I will sketch out the idea and get it sent to the commissioner for approval. There is nothing worse than inking a piece that the client does not want. 

3. It’s yours to use! I will complete your work and send it off to you! Easy as pie! If it’s an inked piece or it is more complex then it will take longer. I am more than happy to send updates and progress WIPS, if there is something that needs to be changed do not hesitate to ask, this is about the client supporting my work and I am beyond appreciative so please don’t be afraid to speak up. I do my own professional freelancing so I am used to that kind of feedback!

Please note that I do a lot of work on the side and I also will have school work as well soon so I ask that you be patient.

If you do not wish for your watermarked commission to be posted; Please let me know. I’ll make sure not to do it; If you do not say, I will assume you don’t mind me showing it off! ♥