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=ABOUT THe Site=

What is WTU?

Welcome to the Underworld is the brain child of Fallenfellfrisk on Tumblr. The growth in popularity of Undertale and it's various AU driven community drove her to begin to write a new story. One in which fleshed out the opposing universe to the original canon. It is a story about a young girl that falls into a rather dark version of the Underground namely the Underworld and her struggles to bring a new light to a seemingly hopeless world. 


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Where is Kit's Work located?

 WTU among other content is located and hosted on  a personal Discord, a cross-platform voice and text chat. You can also find info If you enter the door to the Ruins below you will find yourself in our Info channels. We ask that you give a little introduction before you enter so we can know a little about you! The Discord is Kit's (the creators) inner circle where they will share artwork, new ideas, and most of all hold events. If you are a part of the community It can be a one stop ticket to plot that is never publicly announced.


How to Support?

 These are ongoing projects that takes a lot of time and resources to produce. It is something that the creator does in her own free time so any kind of support is appreciated and loved.  There are various links that can be used to help. One way is donating to the Ko-fi. The second way is to follow the artist on Tumblr and commission. The third way is to be an active member of the community! Click the SAVE button below for more details and links.



About the Creator


🌼Howdy! My name is Kit! I was born and raised in Los Angeles California and currently 25 years old. I attend University where I am pursuing an Entertainment arts and Engineering degree. My dream is to be able to tell stories for a living and have my own business.


🌼I am a small content creator for my art community and spend most of my time drawing and writing. A long time ago others around me would have mentioned that I always had my "head in the clouds". I have always been a creative person. It is the one thing in my life that keeps me happy. I made this website if others wanted to support my work like my artwork and stories. I have a lot of them and you can read more about those projects below. 

🌼I am also working my way into more entrepreneurial endeavors. This is where I have set up my personal merchandise store along with info on all the work I do. I hope you enjoy your time here! Thank you so much for all your support! I couldn't do it without my lovely friends and those within my community!  

🌼You can find me on the various social media provided! I use Tumblr the most commonly. You can also get in contact with my easily on Discord. Just join the official WTU Server.


Projects Updates


A lot of projects are on the back burner and though I have been focused solely on WTU I like to be as transparent as possible. Below is a list of my current projects that are fan-based as well as new original content. I will post a synopsis of each so that there is a better understanding as well as their status updates. In regards to WTU hiatus, there will be an update at the very top of the page for that kind of information.





=Welcome to the Underworld=

WTU is the most current project. It is a trilogy expounding upon the journey of Frisk and her journey through the Underworld and the characters that she encounters. The story is relatively mature with darker themes hence the M rating. There are however disclaimers on every single chapter for that very reason. It is used in a way that contributes to the plot and characters. The first "book" in the trilogy is the pacifist run of an Underfell timeline. Those that are unfamiliar with the concept of Underfell it is basically an Undertale based timeline in which the events leading up to the lore of the story have been drastically altered. This changes the plot as well as the characters making them more aggressive. When the author refers to Underfell it is in style only. The story is completely done from scratch and a whole new experience. The other two books will have their information released post completion of the following books.



ACT 1: The Underworld {Status: Hotland Hiatus}

ACT 2: Overworld {Status: N/A }

ACT 3: Wasteland {Status: N/A }



=Frisky in WonderFell=

Wonderfell is a story that is closely tied to WTU. It contains the same characters in a different setting. In its essence, it is WTU with an Alice in Wonderland theme. Due to this story being so closely associated with the former there will be a pause until the first book is completed. This will make it a more enjoyable read. {Status: Working }



Felldritch is an ongoing project. I never anticipated it's success and so I have gone from writing drabbles to an entire story. I work on it whenever I can. It is relatively easier to write for because the chapters are far smaller than WTU or Wonderfell. There are currently 4 chapters with a 5th in the works.  {Status: Working }

=Tender Love and Care=

TLC has been placed on the back burner until other stories are set up. This one is just kind of me playing to my ship of Red X Frisk as it is part of the RISK ship archive. It is a whole bunch of mini-stories in which I have a central focus around that pairing. I enjoy writing TLC and chapter 2 is partially written. I just need to prioritize due to University demands.  {Status: Working }


Current Status


=Published Stories=


Welcome to the Underworld 

"Never Forget"

Act 1 {WTU}: A pacifistic run through the Underworld in which Frisk makes an alliance between two skeleton brothers. At first there is no hope for any of them but she begins to change that for them all. Follow Frisk on her journey to save those that gave up on hope for a better future a long time ago. 

Act 2 {Overworld}: A light hearted series of encounters with all the characters from Act 1. What is life on the surface like after the monsters have finally obtained their freedom?  

Act 3 {Wasteland}: A broken world, shattered memories, an impossible existence. Restore what once was lost and always hold onto to those most dear. 



"Ya knew ah was ta die for Kitten"~ 

After chasing after her cat companion and a mysterious white rabbit, Frisk falls into a strange world filled with whimsical cards, colorful cakes, and memorable characters. All of which she seems to recognize regardless of their form. Some of them help her on her journey to return home. Others stand in her way. There is only one thing for certain. They all say that this world is broken and that she is the only one with the power to fix it. How can that be when she has NEVER met any of them before? 

Meet a flirtatious Cheshire Cat

An overly energetic skeletal Mad Hatter

and try to make sense of this strange world. What is truly broken? How can it be fixed? 

Sometimes not everything is as it seems~ 


"Ya really don't believe what happened? Do ya?"

Felldritch is my take on Horrorfell. It takes place after a pacifist run by Frisk. She ends up in the Underworld (Underground) and befriends the monsters. They refuse to let her sacrifice herself for their freedom and so she leaves with a promise to return. 

The humans capture her and declare her mentally unstable to which she is tossed into an asylum for nearly a decade. Her belief in her family never wavers until she escapes to find the Underworld very different from before. An occult of powerful monsters has taken over and her sanity is starting to slip. The question is... what is the true reality?  



Welcome to the Multiverse! Judgment takes place in a pocket dimension in which all the "Heroes" of their worlds have come together. Every universe is judged and put on trial. If convicted they are thrown into a multi-verse prison for the worst fo the worst called The House of Villains. The story is about what happens when good and evil are not so black and white.